Experimentation of the Unexpressed talent activities

Here’s a slideshow with a collection of photos from the various experimentation activities in all partner’s countries.

The experimentation of the training activities was fundamental to modify and add precious tools to the toolkit in oder to make it complete and more efficient.

Watch the video here!

Joint staff training – Madrid

Here’s a video slideshow of some photos of the Joint Staff Training we had in Madrid; it was a great occasion to share some activities of the partners that could be involved in the project as well as the experience of some professional on how to improve those activities.

Watch the video!

Output 6: Policy recommendations

The Output & refers to the policy recommendations; each partner thanks to the coordination of the Comunidad de Madrid gave some examples of recommendations that could help the rulers in each country to deliver more effective laws to tackle early school leaving and dropouts.

Please find a report about this recomendations in each partner’s national language.


Output 5: Evaluation and reports of the experimentation

This post refers to the Output 5 of the project. It includes the evaluation system of the training activities experimentations coordinated by Lung and developed thanks to the contribution of all partners .

It also includes the report of the experimentations conducted in all partner’s countries involving schools, youth centers and youngsters from sport’s associations.

Please find here the link to the evaluation system summary document:

Evaluation System

Please find here the link to the complete report of experimentations in English:

Complete report

Please find here a link to the summary versions in all national partner’s languages:


Output 4: Model and Guidelines

This post refers to the Output 4 Model and Guidelines. It contains the methodological model behind the whole project’s activities.

In the document the partnership presents the six main steps of the development of the Unexpressed talents.

Please find the complete version in English:

Model and Guidelines

You can also look at the abstracts translated in all partner’s national languages:

Output 1 Abstract – English version
Output 1 Abstract – Italian version
Output 1 Abstract – Spanish version
Output 1 Abstract – French version
Output 1 Abstract – Croatian version
Output 1 Abstract – Portuguese version
Output 1 Abstract – Slovenian version

Output 3: The Unexpressed Talent Toolkit

The output 3 refers to the Unexpressed talent toolkit, a collection of activities developed thanks to the contribution of all partners that represents the core product of this project.

The aim of this project is to create a toolkit that can be used by teachers and educators in developing young kids talents to prevent their early school leaving and a future difficult employability.

Please find the complete report in English:

Final toolkit

Please find some costumed national language personal version:


Output 2: The alert tool

Here you’ll find the final version of the output 2: Alert tool. This is a tool created by Fondazione Leone Moressa and tested thanks to the contribution of all the partners of the project.

The aim of this tool is to predict and avoid early school leaving, giving teachers and educators a tool to understand each kid’s potential risk situation and prevent it.

Please find the complete report in English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese:

English version
Italian version
Spanish version
Portuguese version

Please find here the links to the google forms of the alert tool in each partner’s language.

Go to Google form