Partnership presentation: Tandem Plus (FR)

logo-enTandem Plus Network is the coordinating partner of the UT project.

What does this mean? Well, they are making sure that things go as planned, that everyone is doing his job and that the parthership is happy 🙂

Tandem Plus is a non-governmental association based in Lille, France. They have more than 20 members from 8 European countries, coming from different backgrounds, but united through their shared interest in providing a better life (through education, training, but also other services) for those who are in need. Through its members, Tandem Plus works with youth, NEETs, the elderly, the unemployed, migrants and so many others.

More information about the coordinator can be found on its website:, where you can also find information about our Unexpressed Talent project.

Curious about our training in Madrid? OlĂ©!

The UT partnership met in Madrid this June to provide a first dissemination of our results to the “outside world”, that is professionals outside our partnership. In this meeting we presented, discussed and tried several tools that will become parts of our UT toolkit. (Of course, we also “secretly” took advantage of this opportunity to put them to test for a first time, but tell no one!)

Each partner attended the one-week meeting along with one-two external participants: professionals mostly involved in the field of education and training who had the possibility to try out our tools and – we hope – to have a little fun in a European context, under Madrid’s hot sun.

However the partnership was the most priviliged, as we received a lot of good and useful feedback from professionals who will ACTUALLY use the tools, as soon as they’re ready to go. So thank you everybody! We are looking forward to making these available to all interested people and, of course, we will keep you up about our deliveries. Until that, here they are some pictures showing our hard, but funny work in Madrid.

What animal are you? – a glimpse into our UT tools!

One of the objectives of our Unexpressed talent project is to keep students in schools and help them obtain their basic education. Therefore, we are also working on an alert tool that will…well, alert the responsible people (teachers, trainers, parents and – why not – students themselves) if a student is in danger of dropout.

We are currently testing our “What animal are you?” tool, which is available here in English:

but also in other different languages:

If you are curious whether you are a lion or maybe a cricket, be brave and click on! Also, if you want to receive your result, don’t forget to provide your email address.

Until next time, remember to express your talents!